Who is marco enri?

Growing up in Los Angeles, I was always fascinated by creativity and art. The people, architecture, and energy of this city has inspired my work. The concept of exporting ideas I conjured in my mind, to then share with the world is captivating. Because of said inspiration, I have dedicated my entire self to creating and designing works of art that are aesthetically pleasing, modern, and attention grabbing. My work varies from personal styling clients at the prestigious high end fashion store Nordstrom, freelance personal styling for a diverse group of clientele, interior design for those who are looking to elevate their living spaces, and assisting in wardrobe, runway production, and social media content curation for the prolific Los Angeles Fashion Week. These amazing opportunities have given me the chance to revolutionize the way people feel about themselves. Whether its giving someone the confidence needed to walk down a runway for industry elites or seeing the warm smile of clients after we have selected the perfect outfit or designed a new home, I find euphoria and bliss knowing that I am playing a part in someone’s day. Art is ever growing and always changing, which makes our work challenging but yet so exciting. I pride myself on being adaptable to change and to lead my days with a purpose. Art is that purpose and I plan on continuing this for years to come.