Marco Enri provides an array of creative services ranging from personal styling, interior design, and social media content curation. Below are examples of his artistic vision and ability to bring a new life and perspective on his work.



Marco Enri’s ability to challenge and change his client’s comfortability when it comes to fashion is his “bread and butter.” His keen eye for color pallettes, patterns, and fabrics, and the intricate ways he can tie them together into a signature piece, gives him an edge over his competitors. Marco Enri is attuned to current trends and is able to apply those to his client’s desires, while adhering to budget and time restrictions.


Marco Enri believes that one should not “exist” in their home, but instead LIVE in it. Similar to his fashion eye, he can assess a space, develop an architectural design, and execute it flawlessly. His ability to transform a space gives him the advantage above other creatives.


Marco Enri has provided his digital expertise to numerous organizations and companies to help curate content that is relevant and trending. His ability to develop social strategies to boost performance has only sharpened his creative mind as he delves into the digital media realm.